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FAQs about Pawning/Selling Your Items at
Top Dog Pawn:

1.  What is the difference between a Pawn and a Buy?  A "Pawn" is an exchange of goods for money with the intention of picking up the item at a later time after repaying the principal and interest. A "Buy" is when you sell your items to the pawn shop with no intention of ever getting it back.  We pay the same amount whether you choose to pawn or sell your items.

2.  How does a PAWN work?  In Georgia the length of a pawn transaction is 30-days and is renewed at the agreement of the customer and pawn shop.  Payment of the 30-day interest whether used 1 day or 30 days is expected to extend the pawn contract for another 30 days where the pawn shop will hold your items for that agreed period of time.  The first 3 months, the interest is 25% of the principal per month.  After that the interest falls to 12.5% of the principal amount owed per month.  Payment of principal and interest are due at the time of pick up.  If you send someone else to pick up your items, they will need cash as payment and a copy of the pawn contract.

3.  What if my payment is late?  If your payment is going to be late, you should call the store and make payment arrangements.  We want your business, not your just keep in touch with us, and we are glad to work with you so you can get your items back.  We do not charge late fees but be aware your loan will still incur its monthly interest whether you make arrangements or not. 

4.  Can I make payments over the phone? We DO NOT accept phone payments but we do have an app that allows you to make payments and shop the inventory from both stores.  We can send you a link to our app through text.

5. What forms of payment do you accept? Top Dog Pawn accepts CASH, VISA/AMEX/MASTERCARD/ DISCOVER, and CASH APP cards In-Store.  We also accept those same cards, as well as, PAYPAL or Money Orders for online purchases.  We do not take payments over the phone, nor do we manually enter credit card numbers.  Pawn and Layaway payments can be made using our app as well. Payoffs and Pickups must be done in-store. 

6. What are your store hours?  Both stores are open Monday through Saturday from 10am-6pm.  We are closed on Sundays and most major holidays.

7.  What types of items do you take? Laptops/ Computers (windows 11 or newer Macs, 8gb RAM or more only) / All-In-Ones, Apple or Android TabletsCameras, Tools, Gold & Silver Jewelry,  Musical Instruments, Gaming Systems, Lawn Equipment, DVDs and Blu Rays, US Coins, Drones, Golf Clubs, and Much Much More!  We also buy and sell AMMUNITION and FIREARMS!

8.  Do you take electronics? If they are 2021 or newer, we will consider them.  Any TVs must have the feet on them, and the power cord and remote.  Laptops: we do not accept Chromebooks, must be 100% charged, & please do not reset before coming in. 

9.  Do you take Jewelry?  We accept most Silver, 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, & 24k  gold/diamond jewelry, scrap and broken jewelry as long as we can test and prove the karat/make up of the piece.  We do not take costume jewelry or pearls.

10.  What do I need to bring with me to pawn or sell an item?  You will need to bring a state issued ID or passport.  We do not accept digital forms of identification or expired temporary IDs.  Please bring any documents needed to verify authentication for your items. 

11.  What documents are required to apply for a Title Pawn?  Valid Drivers License, a free and clear GA/SC title, Current Registration and Insurance, Proof of Residence (utility bill), completed application in-store, and  any other documents requested by management to determine eligibility.

12.  I just want help identifying an item...or can you tell me what it is worth? Unfortunately we do not offer appraisal services and cannot VALUE/IDENTIFY/APPRAISE any item that is not in-store.

13.  Do you take TRADES?  We do not take "trades" per-se!  We will evaluate your items for purchase or pawn, and then if we agree on a deal, you can use those funds however you please for purchase of another item, etc.  

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