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Your trusted local pawn shop

Do you need cash fast? Forget applying for loans, dealing with applications, and waiting for an approval (which is never a guaranteed yes), and come on down to Top Dog Pawn Shop. Our process is simple and straightforward. Bring us your valuable goods to sell in our shop. Your collateral then becomes your credit. If we are interested, we will offer you a loan for the item. We will keep the item until you repay the loan.
We offer a 30 day transaction period and at the end of the 30 days you have these 3 options:


  • Pay off the account and redeem your merchandise.

  • Pay just the interest and extend the transaction for another 30 days.

  • Pay your interest and however much you would like towards the principal on the account in order to reduce the interest charges over the next 30 days.


Our pawn brokers are flexible with you in making adjustments on your payment arrangements.

Please call Top Dog Pawn Shop today to find out more and to further discuss payment options.

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